By Kelly

Last night (May 19) were the 2013 Billboard Music Awards—my personal favorite of awards shows! I love how loose this awards ceremony is—jam-packed with great, fun performances and edgy fashion.

It’s nice to see these celebrities show us themselves through their fashion—it’s like we get it, you are beautiful and talented, show us something else.

Although they are clothed by stylists and a village ‘glam team’, I still like to think these choices reflect them as people—fun and crazy.

My pick for best dressed would have to be Selena Gomez. She just chose this STUNNING number from the Atelier Versace Spring 2013 collection. The neon colors, the shocking white, and the sexy cutouts exemplify exactly how this girl’s career is working out to be—smokin’ hot!

There were a ton of fabulous women on that red carpet, those who have been in the biz longer and have made a larger impact, and she still stood out- so for that, KUDOS TO YOU SELENA!

As far as performances, I think one that really stands out in my head is the one where Miguel drop-kicked that woman in the audience. He did this completely on accident—and I still can’t help but laugh.

If you watch the clip (see below, fast forward to :35 for the run-in), you will see his whole body literally slam onto a woman’s head—that’s going to leave a mark. I hope that she is ok, and as far I can see in my literary findings, she is just fine. Now you have a claim to fame girlfriend! You will forever be the woman who took a leg-drop to the face by Miguel—congrats!

Let me know whose performance you liked most! Best dressed? Sexiest couple? Follow me @KelOnAir and weigh-in on your favorites!


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