Coming from a 23-year-old single lady these should be very helpful! 🙂

These tatics that will help you find a husband… maybe not the one you want but it’s worth a shot right?!

#7. Go watch them Buccos! Can you say gold mine? Try not to get distracted by the butts…

#6. Be aware of your best ASSets and flaunt accordingly…

#5. Don’t take things so seriously…no one likes a space cadet

#4. Buy him a drink from across the bar then out drink him… works everytime! “Imma take you home with meeeee”

#3. Try shopping in the men’s department… so go to Cabela’s

#2. Make yourself available! I’d suggest holding a sign on 376… just maybe not today unless you’re wearing a white tee

#1. If all else fails Craigslist!

Happy Man Hunting!

Let me know how you met your husband! Tweet me @Elistab


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