Ever been hit on in an awkward place? During the homily might not be the best time to pick up babes dude…

These are the MOST AWKWARD places to be hit on!

#7. Hospital waiting room. Come on bro, I just want to make sure my friend is okay…

#6. Job interview…You wanna finish the interview over drinks? Yes.

#5. Jail…when is shower time? Hold onto your soap on a rope there buddy.

#4. In the drive-thru… you want fries with that shake and my number? If I don’t have to pay for this yes.

#3. The underwear section of a store. I’d be turned on by that.

#2. A funeral…You know that we were best friends?

#1. On a date with someone else…so is this a package deal or am I just lucky? Okay you’re hotter.

I was hit on in the grocery store, by an old man. Then today at an intersection… COME ON GREEN LIGHT! Where was the most awkward place you were hit on? Tweet me @Elistab !


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