Lingerie Or Leave Him: Did Kevin Cheat On Melanie & Take The Lingerie

Another interesting Lingerie Or Leave Him.  Kevin was again definitely shocked, but he asked a question that NO one has ever asked on a Thursday on Bubba Show.
He asked if HE could have the lingerie sent to HIM! To check it out? To see who he wanted to send it to? To try it on?

Melanie said that Kevin has been coming home late on Friday nights. It peaked her interest so she then asked him a question she said a few weeks ago and caught him in a lie. Uh Oh.

Here is some of what Kevin says: “Melanie you are being pyscho. I am going to get out of work early for lunch. Let me meet you and talk about this.”

Melanie says: ” I cannot believe you right now.” Get your S&*% out of our place by the end of the day.”

Listen to it all here:

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