By Melanie Taylor

Bubba Show was so excited Tuesday to talk to singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles. She will be playing our first Star Sessions I show Thursday night at Carnegie Music Hall and Library in Homestead. Ginny Blackmore will be her opening act.

Sara talked about yoga, hugging, loving and how music impacts her. I was lucky enough to meet her a few years back when she came into the 100.7 studios. She was one of the most down to earth, nice, sweet women in 16 years of broadcasting I’ve met.

Some of the things she says in this interview today was: “I creep people out because I’m a hugger and I love to hug.” “I prefer a hug and I love a good hugger.”

She also said hugging is all about yoga. Whatever that means! Ha!

She just got off a solo tour, so she is super excited to have a full band with her to do some older songs and new music.

She said she someone needs to step away from writing music and left life and experience just happen.

She admits she is NOT a good cook, but says: “I make a pretty good breakfast. A good meal with eggs that is the easiest.”

Listen to the whole interview here:


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