Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him..Lori Says Ed Lies

Another Thursday means another episode of Lingerie or Leave Him. You keep contacting us to help YOU see if your significant other is cheating. You can always contact Bubba at bubba@starpittsburgh.com

Lori thinks Ed is cheating. She found a sales receipt from a restaurant that she believes included two people eating dinner. She confronted him and he got awkward and angry and keeps avoiding the questions she is asking him.

Some of what you will hear is Ed saying: “What is going on here Lori, why am I on the radio?”
Lori says: “You know exactly what this is about Ed. You need to explain the dinner bill receipt I found.”
Ed says: “Are we actually on the radio now, I don’t know what to tell you Lori.”
Lori says: “You keep making up bull#$%&!”

Listen to the whole awkward conversation here. See how Ed ends the conversation on the radio.

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