O guys I love you but sometimes there are things that I just can’t even deal with it. Ladies you feel me on this. What is the most unattractive thing your man does? Tweet me @Elistab

These are some of the most unattractive things guys do…

#7. LEAVING THE SEAT UP. Put that lid down already!

#6. When guys unbutton their shirt the whole way down their chest. Eww. That’s too much hair. Save something for later.


#4. SWEATING. Over the top sweating. It’s one thing if you just got back from the gym, but calm down. Walking up the steps should not make you look like you ran the Pittsburgh Marathon.

#3. When guys leave hair after shaving all over the sink. GROSS! Clean that up. It’s not confetti.

#2. BAD KISSERS! I should not need to teach anyone above the age of 23 how to kiss. IS THAT YOUR TONGUE!? I COULDN’T TELL!!!

#1. And the big one… SPITTING TOBACCO. Hello TURN OFF! Go back to #2 because you don’t even have a chance.


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