Bubba Show Lingerie Or Leave Him: Another Man Caught Cheating

Listen to the awkwardness of another Lingerie Or Leave Him
Sometimes it doesn’t start or even end well. Sadly, today was one of those days.

Although, this time, SHE gets even. But, how?

Some of the things Sharon said was “I’ve caught him twice before cheating.”
Bubba asked “Then why go back?” Sharon said “I’m a sucker and Pat talked me back into it.”

Pat says this: “Is this some sort of marketing scam?” “What’s happening right now?”
Sharon says: “I don’t even care who Elise is…because you are a cheating scumbag!”
Pat said: “I’m not going to do this on the radio, can we talk privately.”
Sharon: “I don’t care I’m doing this on the radio. I’m done.”

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