Remember how easy life was in the summer as a kid? Take a trip down memory lane…

Now I know these all still exist but maybe you forgot about them…
E-List: the Top Summer Throwbacks

#7. Skip IT!!! I remember getting one of these for my birthday. BEST. BIRTHDAY. GIFT. EVER. Besides my ribbon dancer.

#6. Going to Summer Camp/ Vacation Bible School. Swim camp was the bomb, as for vacation Bible School not so much. My Mom had to make me my own special purple t-shirt or I wouldn’t go.

#5. Freeze pops! You always fought over the cherry and grape. Sorry lime. You suck.

#4. Sidewalk chalk… basically your way of expressing yourself before Twitter/Facebook were around

#3. Chasing the ice cream man! He was my bff. Then again that was last week…

#2. Blowing bubbles! The only thing I ever wanted to do growing up. And right now.

#1. Pool TOYS! Yeah you remember holding your breath till you picked up all of those rings… or taking bites out of noodles then getting kicked out of the pool. I learned my lesson.

What was your favorite summer thing about summer growing up?! Tweet me @Elistab


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