Remember the days of sneaking out late at night and saying “I’m Sorry” worked? …sorta? Kiss these sweet things goodbye because you will never be able to get away them!

E-List: The Things You Can’t Get Away With Now That You’re Old:

#7. Having no teeth… unless you’re Sidney Crosby, I can’t make an exception

#6. Being a messy eater… I don’t think this ever goes away, I take after my Dad, all shirts become shelves

#5. Digging for treasure. (picking your nose!) I can’t tell you how many people I catch on the parkway on a daily basis.

#4. Sucking your thumb. Did you save something for later? STOP!

#3. Temper tantrums. Do we need to put you in timeout or are your done?

#2. Crying in public. Save it for the couch with a bowl of ice cream or in my case, a bottle of wine.

#1. Pigtails. You could barely pull them off at 3 what makes you think you can get away with these at 30?

What can’t you get away with now that you’re old? Or did you get away with? Let me know @Elistab


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