OOO yeah it’s in the 90’s here in the Burgh, and just when you thought you couldn’t any more hot… you are now getting stuck to your seat, your thighs won’t stop chaffing and your face looks like you just sprinted for the last sammich at Primanti’s. How is that hot commodity of a body of yours doing?

We’re just steaming a sweltering stream of sweat over here!

These are… #ThingsThatGetMadSweaty

#7. Your thighs! you haven’t even got up to go to the bathroom & it looks like ya did…

#6. STINKY FEET! fear the smell!

#5. Classic pit stains! Bad memories of middle school and forgetting deodorant come back to mind. Not to mention never wearing colors.

#4. Back sweat/upper butt sweat.. you are unhuggable

#3. Boob sweat! Does it smell like mac n’ cheese? Chest sweat is just not hot.

#2. Face sweat! If you are not Beyonce, put a towel to it. Let it roll…

#1. Hands! High 5! That was awkward.

Where do you get the most sweat dripping?! Tweet me @Elistab


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