By Melanie Taylor

Well, every Thursday Bubba Show does Lingerie or Leave Him.  It happens when one person in the relationship thinks the other is cheating on them.  So, they call us.

I step in and pretend I’m a credit card person and talk to them on the phone seeing if they’d like to give FREE lingerie to a special person in their lives.   Yea.  Who they pick always isn’t what the other person wants to hear.

Today Tara had a gut feeling her fiancé Mark was cheating.  So, she decided to call us.  Bubba even said to her, but what if it isn’t true then what?  She said that her fiancé would find nothing wrong with her “checking in” on him and he would think it was just a joke.

Here is some of the things Tara and Mark say back and forth to each other on the phone.

Mark says “You had a feeling I was cheating on you?”  Tara says:  “It was just a game, you know I love you.”  Mark says “Why would you call a radio station to see if I was said YES you’d marry me, but now you are like trying to see if I’m cheating by going behind my back?”

Mark said “Why would you even say YES in the first place if you think I’m cheating?”

Tara begs.. “Wait..don’t hang was a game.”

…and hear it all here.



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