E-List: #DMVProbs

78 % OF PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE TO GO HERE…. surprise surprise! Those three little letters that are some people’s idea of “hell on earth”. The D-M-V.

I had quite the experience today! We’ll get into those…


#7. IT TAKES FOREVER!!! Can’t I just send in a selfie and call it a day? It’s like BINGO… call my #! B48!

#6. NO ONE GIVES YOU DIRECTION! Read the giant sign. Yep still confused.

#5. YOU CAN’T FIND IT! I think it took longer surprisingly for me to find the DMV then it did being there. BUT STILL! Look at that photo to your left. It even looks like jail!

#4. YOU TAKE THE WRONG # TAG. It said “license center”. Well I need a new license so I took that #. Apparently you don’t need this tag if you already sent your info in to get your id card. Why didn’t someone tell me I could skip this tag?

#3. NO ONE WANTS TO BE THERE. This is why they call it hell on earth. Especially the people working. You can tell they have just had it. You would think we’re at a funeral. Everyone looks so depressed.

#2. PEOPLE LOOK AT YOU LIKE YOU HAVE NO BRAIN... like really? Yes I can read but don’t look at me like I drove through line paint. You know what I’m just going to go home. Don’t give me a license. I drove through line paint last night.

#1. THEY TAKE AWAY YOUR LICENSE TO DRIVE! This was so sad. I really do think people need to retake their driver’s tests, and I wish we all just had a driver who would take us wherever, but come on. This is tough. Fortunately for me I still got mine, as for the guy in front of me. This is early jail.

Why do you not like going to the #DMV? Tweet me! @Elistab


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