E-LIST: #RoyalBabyGifts


The Royal Family tend to give small, inexpensive gifts to each other like the Queen’s expected to give her great-grandchild a specially bound Bible as one day the baby will grow up to be the supreme governor of the Church of England.

Kate was already reportedly given a $15,000 bracelet that doubles as a diaper cream holder.

Now we got you covered little Prince.

E-LIST: The Gifts to give #Royalbaby

#7. A set of Royal army men. Toy Story ain’t got nothing on these guys complete with tank.

#6. Iphone/Ipad because every baby needs one and can work it better than their parents

#5. His Own Private Island. England isn’t big enough for the two of them

#4. A bullet proof stroller/crib. That little bundle of joy is a terrorist hot spot. Never can be too safe!

#3. The golden bottle. They start them young over there.

#2. Frankincense & Myrrh. He might not be a King (yet) but why not!

#1. Hand woven silk diapers from the Charmin Bears

Check out some of these other uber expensive gifts fit for #royalbaby

What would you pick out for the little prince?! Tweet me! @Elistab #RoyalBabyGift


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