E-List: Reasons WHY Christmas Would Be Better in July

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Christmas! But think of the endless eggnog coladas or instead of sleigh rides you can take pedicab rides to the ballpark. Screw candy canes when you can have candy cane POOL NOODLES, sno cones taste better than yellow snow, and Grandma can hunt the deer!

Yeah summer just kicks a$$.

E-LIST: Reasons why Christmas is better in July:

#7. Water balloon fights much better than snowballs

#6. Sitting by the pool beats a fire... and you can still sit by a fire at night BAM!
sandman > snowman

#5. You don’t have to freeze your butt off at heinz field… you can sweat at PNC Park

#4. Hot Chocolate is better FROZEN!

#3. Flip flops beat boots and uggs any day!

#2. You can have a BBQ on Christmas… not sure what’s stopping you in December, maybe the blizzard.

#1. You’re not freeezing your butt off! Or cleaning off your car in 2 ft of snow… Unless you are lucky enough to fly off to Florida….


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