E-LIST: Lies People Tell Themselves

Face it in order to get through your day you gotta have little pep talk along the way.

These are …

E-List: The Lies People Tell Themselves

#7. Mondays are great. You keep telling yourself that.

#6. . I don’t want that giant piece of chocolate cake with the caramel dripping off the side and cream filled… GIMME IT!!!!!

#5. I’m not mad. I’m not going to punch you in the face.

#4. I am going to not eat all day so I lose 10 lbs. No not how it works. Try sweating sweetheart. Try telling yourself you won’t eat that twinkie while you’re at it. You won’t do it.

#3. I don’t miss them... meanwhile you catch yourself flipping through their Facebook albums and sniffing their old t-shirt they gave you. crying yourself to sleep. (gross.)

#2. I will wake up super early tomorrow! Sure after you hit snooze 10 X.

#1. I don’t want another drink… HA! BS. You’re right. YOU NEED ONE! Cheers!

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More lies we tell ourselves to feel like a grown-up here!


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