E-List: Foods You Can’t Eat Classy

Before you jump right into your favorite sloppy seafood or lip-smacking pasta dish you might want to reconsider depending on who is across the table…

These are the…

E-LIST: Foods you can’t eat classy:

#7. Watermelon. it makes your face look like you went to a water slide you drowned rat wipe that seed off your face

#6. Spaghetti. Unless you’re a dog no one can make it look romantic. And stop posing like you’re eating it. #Selfies

#5. Burritos! They are as big as your face and wider than your mouth it is nearly impossible..

#4. Ribs. We know you need to lick off every spot of that award winning BBQ sauce but it looks like you’re saving some for later…all over the face!

#3. Bananas, Hot dogs, and Popsicles! (BASICALLY anything Jonah Hill draws in Superbad) those are the best kind.

#2. Wings! They’re messy, but real women eat meat.

#1. But how you could resist the famous Primanti Brothers sandwich?

Send me a pick of you eating your non-classy food! haha Tweet me @Elistab


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