E-LIST: Signs That Serve No Purpose

I spent a solid 12 hours in the car over the weekend and it didn’t take 12 hours to notice that no one yields to the Yield sign and no one understands that you need to drive on the RIGHT side of the road but I did notice a ton of these signs… lets reduce the clutter a little bit…

E-LIST: Signs That Serve No Purpose

#7. Starting with YIELD because let’s face it no one does it

#6. “Falling Rock” if a boulder comes flying down at me it’s a little late for a sign to warn me… just so you know we told you a giant rock was about to mess your day up #ThisIsntMarioKart

#5. HUMP vs. BUMP if there was a bump sign for every real bump in Pittsburgh we’d have more bump signs than Primanti Brother fries and could cover all 446 bridges. No offense ( this is where I insert something offensive) “bum” signs would serve us better

#4. Deer signs. No these signs aren’t for deer to know where to cross the street. In fact they jump out everywhere there aren’t signs. WE LIVE IN PENNSYLVANIA. I see deer in Greentree every night I leave the station. Get used to it. Always be on the lookout for deer.

#3. Side walk ends…I don’t know if you could tell, but there is no more side walk

#2. Yield to Pedestrians… who stops anyway?

#1. Slippery when wet! That’s slippy to you.

What sign do you think serves no purpose? Tweet me @Elistab !


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