Ever have your girlfriend randomly show up where you are or wonder why your boyfriend is staring at the elderly lady waaay too long at the checkout?

If you catch your boo in any of these acts you might want to reconsider…

#7. They watch you while you sleep. Especially in long johns. Nothing creepier than waking up next to someone staring at you, unless you’re a cat/dog.

#6. They LIKE everything you do on social media

#5. They hit on your friends. Please stop. Control your boyfriend.

#4. They check your phone. That’s invasion. Stop.

#3. They are WAY older than you. Old man… gross.

#2. They can’t stop touching your feet. What’s up with the foot fetish people?

#1. They have restraining orders. If someone cannot stand to be around someone or they annoyed someone so bad they had to get the law involved you might have a serious creeper on your hand.

While you’re at it these are the creepy guys to avoid even talking to.

And here are the ways you might be creeping guys out and don’t even know it. If you do know it walk of shame on you ya stage 4 clinger.

Other ways to tell you are dating a creeper here!

Whose creeping on you? Feel free to creep or tweet me anytime! @Elistab


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