Let’s Talk… Middle Child’s Day

Yes there is an entire day to forget about us “middle child” kids. In case you forgot, well let’s face it we’ve been forgotten our entire lives. The eldest was always looked up to the youngest is our baby… what’s a kid gotta do to get some attention!?!

Well today is our day. Middle child UNITE! Have that piece of cake, take a shot, whatever you do, just do you. Happy Middle Child’s Day!

Growing up it was always Matthew ( my oldest brother) gets whatever he wants, he is the boy and the oldest. Lyndsay ( my little sister) was ” I’m the baby gotta love me” spoiled. Who knew I would somehow turn out to be the “good kid”? YES! And you thought I was BAD?! I mean I did do my share of climbing on cupboards, writing on bed frames, and backing one car into the other… I was still loved, but my Mom ( The Mamasita) loved to remind how I was the middle child when I complained, as if that was a disease, and heaven forbid I use the one excuse to get what I wanted. Just because I was the middle child did not mean I had a free pass to complain. Now my voice is heard! By all of Pittsburgh. muahaha

Seriously though “middle child syndrome” has to be real. Measuring up and coming up next in the lineup is our game and complaining we don’t get anything is our claim to fame. We gotta give major props to this guy in Florida who went on #MidKidStrike for us to have our own day! Also love the e-cards that read “Sorry we can’t be with you on Middle Child’s Day, We’re having dinner with your brother and sister.”

Nothing is worst than Ken’s story who took the blame for writings on the wall and missed out on ice cream with his family. That’s just evil.

Ya feel me middle children?!!! Tweet me your experience as a middle child! @Elistab


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