by Melanie Taylor
Me in my Amish Mafia T-shirt.

Me in my Amish Mafia T-shirt.

Season 2 of Amish Mafia debuts tonight at 9 on Discovery! I’m so excited.

More info is at

Lebanon Levi is trying to keep his power over the town and has some new henchmen to help him, but he does have men willing and ready to take him down.

It isn’t just bonnets and buggies and religion and peace. The Amish mafia is a active part of Lancaster, PA!  I really thought that it couldn’t be happening this close in Lancaster, but it is!  Even the church is trying to dismiss the Amish Mafia, but as you can Levi is real.  He has Caleb helping him this season, but there are numerous road blocks.

I have to admit it (don’t be mad) I got to see the first episode of season two.  I had a sneak peek.  Let me just say this…WOW!  There are THREE scenes you need to be ready for tonight.  One is the scene where Lebanon finds out that someone has been selling cell phones to the Amish children and you know that is a big NO NO.  Second is the scene where strong woman Esther gets shunned in her sewing circle by the other women.  But, they are NOT shunning her because of what she did it is because of things her two brothers did.  Third, there is a scene that involves RAW MILK.  WOW.  That is all I’m going to say.

I was addicted to the first season.  If you didn’t watch the first season and you watch tonight you will be pulled in just like I was!

I can’t grasp how people respect out of fear Levi.  I’m anxious to see if he will be taken down this season and I really want to see where Esther’s character develops to.

Don’t forget to watch tonight at 9 on Discovery!


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