By Melanie Taylor

Crystal thinks that her boyfriend Nick has been spending WAY too much time at the bars.  She is really upset and even has a hard time talking about him, but she contacted us.  She emailed and wanted us to see if Nick was cheating.  She feels NO one works as much as he does and NO one should be going to the bars this much.

Every Thursday we do Lingerie or Leave Him.  Crystal this week really wants to see if Nick is faithful.  What happens on Bubba Show after I call Nick then begins the most YINZERRIFIC phone call EVER.  If there are two more Pittsburgh people in the city, I’d like to meet them.  Nick and Crystal take the medal.

Here is some things Nick says to me:

“I don’t have platinum status on anything.”

“Lady, I don’t even have a credit card.”

“Listen to this, this is crap, I have to deal with this all this morning.”

Crystal says:

“You know what  Nick, I hope you have a place to sleep at the bar, because that is where you are going to be sleeping.”

“I am not cheating”, Nick said.  Crystal’s final words to Nick makes this Lingerie or Leave Him go off the TRACK!  Listen hear to it all!


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