E-LIST: Common Mixed Signals from Guys

OOO LADIES why guys mess with our brains like this I can’t tell you but I just suggest you do it right back…

E-LIST: Common Mixed Signals from Guys

#7. HUGS!!! Everybody hugs, and if you don’t hug you’re weird or have issues. Don’t take this so seriously.

#6. Offering you a ride. Not that kind of ride people. If he left you stranded he’d be an a$$hole doesn’t mean he isn’t anyway but also doesn’t mean he wants to give you the ride you really want.

#5. Asking you to study/ happy hour. He just needs help or doesn’t want to look like an alcoholic alone at the bar.

#4. Texting emoticons. Guys who do this 9X out of 10 might be batting for the other team. A winky face or emoji does not always mean he wants to show you his winky. 😉

#3. Being nice. Remember these guys finish last… which in most cases is a good thing however he might just be nice. If he gives you a compliment do NOT even… listen I tell my Dad I like his shirt doesn’t mean I’m hitting on him.

#2. LIKING their ANYTHING! ie: Facebook status, Instagram pic, Favorite a tweet. Just because they double tap your Instagram pic does NOT mean they want to tap you!

#1. Inviting you to public events. Maybe he just needs people to actually show up to his boring golf match.

What mixed signal did you receive and take the wrong way? Or as my intern @matty_ice_412 would say… have YOU ever been the victim of a mixed signal? Tweet me @Elistab!


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