ALMOST THAT TIME KIDDIES!!!! Since it is #ThrowbackThursday we’re going to take a trip down memory lane… back to Mrs. Frizzle’s class!

E-LIST: #WhatIMissAboutSchool

#7. When the teacher rolled in the tv … awww yeah! You weren’t doing a thing!

#6. LUNCH! Polly’s tacos! That and pizza day were the ONLY days I didn’t pack my lunch.

#5. Gym class! I would love to whip a dodgeball around here then again nothing is stopping me. Since I was stuck in a uniform this was pretty awesome because we got to bring “gym clothes”.

#4. Learning new things! Now I gotta read things to learn anything. Don’t miss those desks or raising my hand to use the lavatory! LAVY AND DRINK!

#3. Painting being fun. Now you have to throw a party & give everyone booze in order to paint a wall.

#2. Seeing your friends everyday! Now you only see their Instagram pix… riding the cheese wagon (the bus) was always an adventure…

#1. Nothing absolutely nothing! That was YOUR PICK!

What do you miss about school?! Tweet me with the #WhatIMissAboutSchool @Elistab


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