This is Bubba Show’s second year doing our “decorate the teachers classroom contest.”  This year we had near 60 teachers that nominated themselves or were nominated by others.

We chose Bethel Park 4th grade teacher Laurie Dressler.

Her story is one of courage and hope.

She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and was unable to lift anything bigger than 5lbs. So, that is where we came in!

Take a look at the awesome photos we took as we went to George Washington Elementary Center. Laurie’s husband Jude nominated her and Jude’s sister initially called our show to tip us off that he was calling.

Laurie wanted to go with a Western theme. Check out the photos here.

Unlike last year’s CSI/CRIME scene. Click here to see our Keystone Oaks winner last year.

We were so happy to help Laurie out.  We pray that she stays healthy and the cancer goes away!  We hope she has an amazing 4th grade year and we wish her students the same!


It started with this AWESOME welcome sign on Mrs. Dressler’s board. Click here to view the photos.


Thanks to Bethel Park who wrote this great article about us decorating.  Look here.


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