#BlurredLines at the #VMAs

“We can’t stop” her and neither could Robin Thicke.

Sources say he had no idea she was going to #twerk all up in his grill at the #VMAs. Either way were you offended by it?! If you are a Miley fan you know twerking was going to happen whether Thicke wanted it to happen on him or not!

Was she a bit crazy on stage? Yes, she was “into it”. Of course she is getting a ton of flack for her stunt, but I have to give the girl credit. She is incredibly brave to get up in front of millions of fans and shake her stuff, do her thing, and not have a care in the world. There are so many people especially teenage girls ( her main audience) that have ZERO self-esteem. Is she the best role model? Maybe not. However she is not the first and certainly not the last artist to surprise us with some risque dance moves.

She is not on the Disney Channel anymore ( even though listener Emily did say she looked like Minnie Mouse).

Listener Jess thinks she can do what she wants and I can’t help but agree with her. Jess who happens to be 21 shared “I can shake my butt if I want to”. Yes you can. Can Miley? Well she is a public figure and millions of fans look up to her, but I don’t think that is going to stop her from what she wants to do.

“She’s just being Miley” might not be an excuse to use anymore. As for parents of former Hannah Montana fans, that little girl left us.

What did you think of the #BlurredLines performance?

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