Oh what a VMA Night! If you missed any of it don’t worry this should about sum it up.

What you missed at the the #VMAs … the best and worst of those hours…

E-LIST: Top Moments of the #VMAs

#7. When Taylor swift wanted someone to shut up ( her ex bf Harry styles) o yeah she dropped an F bomb.

#6. Macklemore Ryan Lewis performance pretty moving… #SameLove

#5. When Pharrell rolled in on a bike… how do you work this this?!

#4. Katy Perry #Roaring in downtown Brooklyn and rocking that GRILL! Thing John Mayor knew she wore that last night?

#3. Lady Gaga performance… Cocoon mermaid … extremely talented but the box thing..?

I want to know how many times she needed changed as a child.
P.S. She left when people started booing One Direction… class act.

#2. Miley Cyrus twerking on Beetlejuice I mean… Robin Thicke



#1. *NSync Reunion that was WAY TOO SHORT! But a glorious 110 seconds! I didn’t even know what song they were performing I was screaming so loud.

What was your favorite moment of the #VMAS ?! Check out more of what happened here! Tweet me @Elistab!


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