E-LIST: Top Things You Do While Driving INSTEAD of Paying Attention

We see it everyday. Whether its stuck in traffic on the parkway, or speeding through the Southside to get to the parking space quicker, people cannot seem to just DRIVE! The selfies can wait! I congratulate you on being a multi-tasker but while driving eeey! These take skill but really should not be happening.

(Except for turning up your radio. You keep that right there to 100.7! Don’t you touch that dial!)

E-LIST: Top Things you do while driving INSTEAD of Paying Attention

#7. Changing clothes… try changing your bra that takes skill!

#6. Brushing your teeth! Just wait yo there is gum and strips for that. Take a tic tac jeez! Don’t be digging for treasure either! (Stop picking your nose) while you’re at it.

#5. Shave! I can deal with a little bit of stubble just don’t go over the rubble.

#4. Putting on your face! ie: make-up, jewelry. Your still beautiful! Save it for lata.

#3. Fixing your hair. Leave the weave alone.

#2. Eatinggg! Especially with a utensil that’s serious! I know this takes self control.

#1. Snapchatting, texting, talking, sending emails ANYTHING with your phone!!!

No snapchatting and driving! Your selfie can wait

What have you seen people doing INSTEAD of driving in their car? This could open a can of something special! Tweet me @Elistab!


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