I don’t care if Labor day happened already it’s not quite the end.
We never had it anyways. Since you haven’t heard this before “it just went by WAAAY too fast.”

E-LIST: Reasons Summer Isn’t Over

#7. Your pool is still uncovered yeah just leave it open you’ll thank me next weekend.

#6. The sun is still out.. okay its setting but kinda!

#5. You did not make it to Kennywood, Sand Castle or any other amusement park the mall does NOT COUNT!

#4. There are still ice cream places open… I don’t know why they decide to close in the first place I eat ice cream year round

#3. You still haven’t taken a vaca! that makes 2 of us! time to hit the beach!

#2. Pirates are still playing for real. YUP we’re #1

#1. Well technically it isn’t over till September 22nd! Sunday, September 22 The First Day of Autumn (Autumnal Equinox) 2013
..but you still haven’t broken up with your summer fling yet. That takes time.

BAM! Take that Fall. We should be glad summer is almost over really. I am ready for football, pumpkin spice and hoodies though.

Are you still stuck in summer? Tweet me @Elistab!


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