E-List: Normal Things vs. Elista Things You Find In Your Car

So there are typical things you might find in your car such as these:

Normal Things:

7. Change. Keep the change ya filthy animal.

6. Cups. Hopefully empty.

5. Napkins. Hopefully not used.

4. In Pittsburgh… Snow Scraper. Better not have to use this anytime soon.

3. Tissues. Hopefully not used either.

2. Car Freshener. Open that thing already! I tried the whole keep half of it in the wrapper its just ghetto.

1. Cell Phone Charger. Plug it up!

Then there are abnormal things such as whatever is in my car…

E-List: Normal Things vs. Elista Things You Find In Your Car

7. A painting. Painted this masterpiece Saturday night at Painting With A Twist. About time I take that bad boy inside.

6. Towels.. Giant Bath towels, and a few beach towels. Never know when you’re going to go for a late night swim or catch a wave 😉

5. Hats. All part of the costume bag. Not to mention the entire wardrobe that’s sitting in the trunk in a storage box.

4. A Wild Turkey “turkey” hat, Pinnacle Vodka Glasses, Corona Beads, you see where I’ve been… (bar promo prizes)

3. Left over pizza and cereal boxes. I meant to recycle those. Oooo I found some crust! The Reese’s Puffs just don’t taste as good.

2. Cooking tray. Its a rare occurrence this thing gets used let alone in my car its most likely to be used as my umbrella.

1. Leftover Blizzard Cup wrapped in a brown paper bag. That was good. And the S’mores one better NEVER go away!

Then there are the normal things you SHOULD keep in your car.

Needless to say I probably should clean my car (Alejandro) out more.

What was the weirdest thing you’ve found in your car? Tweet me @Elistab!


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