Ever get a text message and think “Wow! Too soon.” or “WAY too much! That was a lot.” Especially after a first date? If not maybe you sent one. No worries I am here to make sure you never ever send one of those horrifying messages so you won’t scare away any chance of repopulating in your future.

E-LIST: The Text Messages you should not send after a first date

(Reminder for anyone who did not read the four sentences above DO NOT send any of these text messages after a first date if you want to see date #2!)

#7. You look cute walking I followed you home.

#6. You care if I stay over? My lease is up.

#5. That was fun! Is your sister single?

#4. Is it cool if we go out atleast once more so I can’t count you as a boyfriend and use you as inspiration for my next song?

#3. I did not pull out! HAHA!

#2. So is it too soon to ask for a dirty pic?

#1. I think I’m in LOVE with YOU!

Check out this list of 33 other text messages you SHOULD NOT send after a first date!

Whatever you do, DO NOT be a double texter. Unless of course you never want to talk to them again.

What text would you never want to receive after a first date? Have you had any from the list? Tweet me @Elistab!


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