E-LIST: Things You Hate To Do In The Car

Hey you sitting on the parkway! Quit trying to breastfeed your kid or change your shirt. Pay attention! Ugh. Sometimes you just need to. I get it. So what do you hate to do in the car?

E-LIST: #ThingsYouHateToDoInTheCar

#7. Change clothes! That hole was not for my head.

#6. Brush your hair. It gets everywhere!

#5. Eat. You sloppy mess, here’s a napkin.

#4. When someone decides to change the station… don’t touch that dial! I was jaamming! That was my SOOOOONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#3. when something itches… ANYTHING! Especially under your foot. That is just unsafe. WHYYYYYY! Get me some Gold Bond!

#2. Sitting in traffic. No. Do not even. Don’t tell me the squirrel hill tunnel is closed or I will punch a squirrel.


FILL IN THE BLANK! I can’t stand ___________ in the car. Tweet me what you can’t stand @Elistab!


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