Bubba Show: We Ask YOU Ladies If You Agree With This List

Well, when Bubba Show finds interesting stories online that maybe YOU haven’t seen, we want to share with you.  We want to hear YOUR feedback on the air today.

So, we asked you about these today.   Thanks to Huffington Post you can read it all here.

Ladies do you agree with this “23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing?”

I agree with a lot of them.  Shelley does too.  Do you think it is too many or there should be more?

1.  Stop apologizing all the time.       (I think I seriously do this WAY too much in a single day.)

2.  Saying “Yes” to everyone else.  (I say YES to do things because I feel guilty if I don’t.   Even when I’m exhausted & have 900 things that are more pressing.)

3.  Saying “No” to yourself.   (Ladies don’t you say NO to yourself a lot.  No I can’t afford that.  No, I don’t look good in this.)

4.  Viewing food as the enemy.  (Food is so amazingly good, but last night when I had that reese cup I cursed myself.)

5.  Body Snarking.  (Ladies..does this need a description?  Stop hating your bodies!…  When you can achieve that, let me know how to do that.)

6.  Feeling like an impostor when you do something amazing at work or professionally.  (This happens a lot in the job world.  We women achieve something great..get that promotion or do something amazing and yet we question our worth or say “Did I really deserve that.”)

7.  Obsessively UNTAGGING photos.  (Do you have to proof a pic before you post it?  Do you not like the way your nose looks or how heavy you think you look, so you ask to delete the pic or untag me because it is HORRIBLE)

8.  Comparing your life with a fantasy one.   (Looking at Facebook and obsessing about everyone else’s happy life.  Watching people out at the mall or a high school game with the perfect family and hating on your life)

9.  Holding onto regrets and guilt.   (Oh man..how do we do this ladies?  Moving on and forgiving yourself is impossible..right?)

10.  Wearing high heel shoes everyday.  (Each year I realize my feet and legs aren’t as pretty or as tough as they used to be and my toes and feet hurt all day…wait..go back and see number 5.)

11.  Judging another woman’s sex life.  (Don’t pass judgment on that woman that has a lot of exes or currently is a prude or has many “boyfriends.”)

12.  Judging your own sex life.  (enough said)

13.  Trying to be “chill.”  (this means you are NOT able to just chill out and be calm, but you try so hard it makes it stressful.  If you are high anxiety & are just Type A, just be you)

14.  You fear the label CRAZY.  (being called this is a fear.  right ladies?  well, we all have a bit of crazy in us.  No?  Embrace it)

15.  WebMD-ing and googling everything.  (I seriously have diagnosed myself with every major illness in the past year.  How about I just stop and breathe)

16.  Worrying that your life isn’t a perfect Pinterest app.  (I don’t pin, so this is good.  I choose not to.  Why?  Because I am the LEAST crafty person and don’t know how to make a dress that looks like Prada out of Ziploc bags & leaves from under my tree   Okay..I am exaggerating.)

17.  Fearing being alone.  (it is super scary and can consume your thoughts, but try to love YOU first and foremost)

18.  Being in a relationship just to be in a relationship.  (maybe it is because of number 17.  don’t settle ladies)

19.  Not taking advantage of your vacation days.  (do you do this ladies?  can you just shut the phone off.  can you take all the days owed you or are you afraid of something or afraid something will happen when you are gone)

20.  Holding onto toxic friendships.  (do you have some women?  don’t we all?)

21.  Spending time with people out of obligation.  (Us women do this and we do it well.  You feel obligated right?  That 19th cousin or friend that you have nothing in common with my take up 5 hours of your day.  Can you do it?)

22.  Being embarrassed about your interests.  (embrace what you love and do it and love it and share it.  Try not to fear the fact you love that band that NO one heard of or a clothing store that just isn’t “cool.”)

23.  Setting deadlines for major life events  (when should you be married and have kids and WOW…I’m almost 40 and I haven’t done A, B or C.  UGHHHHHHHH)

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