The Situation: Car Broke Down AGAIN

It’s 1:00am I just drive by Heinz Field thinking to myself how beautiful this city is and I get about 5 minutes from my house… next thing I know car starts slowing waaaaay down, I’m hearing a puttering noise, ( had Taco Bell the night before so I knew it wasn’t my stomach) I think hmm should I get over ( yes you better get over now b*tch unless you wanna hang out in the middle of the road and get hit by some drunk idiot) so I pull over, flip on the flashers and immediately think to myself, Yep I definitely heard a noise this morning.

I’m on the side of the highway by an exit so anyone could merge over into me. Nothing like calling AAA at 1:00 am, and now the cops are chilling with me trying to get a tow too. ( Thank you guys!) Now a million things are running through my head… Who is up right now? Who can I call? How much is this going to cost me? Did I let the dog out? Wait I don’t have a dog. I want a dog. I need a dog to come to my rescue. Call the only person I know who is up at this hour on a Tuesday now Wednesday, a starving musician. Luckily about an hour later I am home safe with my car chilling at the tire I hope also fixes car service. Ugh. Now I need a beer.

Hopefully you haven’t been there but if you have been there it’s one of the worst feelings ever. The wait seems like an eternity. This has happened to me so many times that it barely even phases me. However it still sucks. Luckily this happened in the wee hours of the morning with virtually no traffic other than the Pittsburgh Post Gazette trucks.

Where was the last place you broke down?
Tell me it wasn’t a bridge or a tunnel! #WorstNightmare

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