He floated into our lives on Friday and yinzers everywhere gathered to catch a glimpse of “The Giant Rubber Ducky” or as some named “YaQuackOff”. I think the Steelers could use this big guy on the line, if not he definitely belongs! I don’t think he has met Wiz Khalifa yet because he hasn’t sniffed what he smelled out in Amsterdam, but he has had a famous Primanti Brothers sandwich since the dude is BIG! Or maybe it’s a she? I’ve spotted millions of duckling imitations everywhere.

Inspired by Gary Rotstein’s article in the Post Gazette “What does the Rubber Ducky think about all day?” (I think I found the translator device too!)

E-List: Things The Ducky Says (in Pittsburgh)!

#7. These people talk funny. Do they have their own language? (#Pittsburghese)

#6. I have died & gone to duck heaven.. RIVERS EVERYWHERE!!! And Just ducky tour boats FOR ME?!!!

#5. Where’s the Wizard? I haven’t seen him yet. #QuackAndYellow

#4. Where can I get one of those sandwiches with the fries on them?

#3. Keep me away from Ernie! I feel like my neighbor Mr. Rogers is allies with Elmer Fudd.

#2. Everyone keeps chanting DUCK and I don’t know if I am supposed to because of one of those bridges again or if it’s for me.

#1. How do I get to the Southside? I hear there are a lot of people who look like me! #DUCKFACE

What have you heard the giant rubber ducky QUACK? Tweet me @Elistab with the #QuackPGH & #ThingsTheDuckySays!


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