By Melanie Taylor

Karen feels that her boyfriend is spending too much time with his new boss. Nate’s boss is a female and Karen said she is REALLY attractive. Karen found a thank you card from his boss that was for Nate. This is a new boss and about 3 months ago when she started Karen said Nate has been dressing better and has had late night meetings with her.

Nate listens to my whole credit card spill and then proceeds to answer the question of WHO he wants to send the lingerie too.

Nate asks if we can talk later since he is at work, but I tell him no. So, he finally answers the question and who does he say?

Listen here. Wait till you hear the ending and Nate’s awkwardness and what Karen says to him!

If you ever suspect your significant other to be cheating contact Bubba at his email


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