SO last night I asked yinz to find the hottest guy to play Christian Grey here in Pittsburgh and these are your shades of grey …


7. Pittsburgh Dad. That’s just wrong, but by the way you can eat his face all day at Eat N’Park right now. I feel awkward now.

6. The Giant RUBBER DUCKY! Not sure how the ducky feels about this. For all we know he/she’s over there laying eggs on the North Shore.

5. Mayor Luke! He rocks a suit well and anyone with power well should make you feel the power.

4. Garrett Jones! WHO? JONESING for Jones! Yeah I feel like a Pirate is permitted after next #Buctober! 🙂

3. TROOOOOY! Polamalu Oh yeah #43. Gotta be the hair, duh! or maybe DA BEARD… Mr. Keisel you were close.

2. Sidney Crosby. It’s the lips. Period.

1. JOE MANGANEILLO! My man! MMM. Yes please make this happen 50 Shades.

I mean come on just LOOK at him in that grey suit… STUNNING!



Grey is your color Joe. This role is calling you!

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images


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