By Melanie Taylor

So, with Christmas so close to us (ugh… makes me twitch) Pittsburgh Frugal Mom is offering up some cool tips on Holiday savings. Some of you may be super excited for the Holiday rush and this will be good for you! Look at all of Pittsburgh Frugal Mom’s great finds on her website here.

Dana is crunching those Holiday dollars.  We all need to!  I know I do.  We will give you SOME FREE things happening in here, but lets start out with the great ideas she has.

Are you not a fan of gift wrapping?  I am the worst at it.  I admit it.  My hubby usually offers to do all the wrapping since I do all the shopping.  Usually there is a LOT of wine involved when I gift wrap.  Maybe that is why the presents turn out so badly.

Dana suggests you save every newspaper and every box that is mailed to your house.  You can even make the kiddos decorate the newspaper by coloring it to make it a nice present!  All those boxes we get in the mail, small to them and re-use!  I’m going to try that this year.  Thanks Dana!

Dana said she saw it in her family.  Old newspapers with comics on them or even magazines for smaller items.  All this could be sitting RIGHT in front of you in your own home.  She is right!  I will have to look.

How about tissue boxes.  Look at this amazing way to recreate that!  Look here.  I have NEVER seen a tissue box used that way before and even for a sweet 16th bday!  Cool!

Tea Towels she suggests makes GREAT gifts!  I agree.  She even said that you can use those tea towels to wrap gifts in.  Right?  RIGHT!  If you are giving a small gift to someone as a housewarming or for the holidays wrap that gift up in the tea towels and throw a bow on it.  All will be used and all are gifts!  I am going to try this one out too.

I reuse gift bags.  I admit it.  Does that make me a bad person?  I literally this past weekend just cleaned out a closet and re organized all my gift bags at the bottom of the closet.  Make sure they are in good shape and RIP off the tag if it is addressed to someone.  Dana suggests that you buy them discounted at dollar stores and even Target have those clearance bins for up to 70-90 percent off at the front of the stores sometimes.  Great idea!  Get them now too!

Okay, how about trash bags.  The FRUGAL in Pittsburgh Frugal Mom is great.  She uses trash bags for really really big gifts.  What is the catch?  She makes it look super pretty by adding a lot of ribbon or bows.  It really makes your eye go to the bows and NOT the trash bag.  I may have to do this.  I’m wondering if I will have any big ticket Christmas items this year for my girls that may need a trash bag?  I know when I try to wrap big items I get super frustrated because I usually use up all my wrapping paper on ONE gift.  GRRRR!

I love this idea she suggests too!  You know tissue paper?  All different colors and red and green for the holidays, well she says you can save money by shredding up colored paper or colored tissue paper to put in little gift bags!  It goes a long way and it saves money.  Look at the picture of it here.

There are a few FREE things this weekend for you too!   Home Depot has a FREE workshop on how to create electrical updates.  Look at the information here.

On October 19th there is a FUN family story time at 10:30 at the Allegheny Branch of the Carnegie Library on Federal Street.  You can look at it all here.

Imagination Builders Day is 12-3pm on October 19th at the Mt. Washington Carnegie Library!  You can build with Lego’s!  Look here.

100.7 STAR is NOT affiliated with any of these events or websites.  We simply like to pass along the FRUGAL deals thanks to Dana and some of the great FREE items!!  Enjoy!


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