By Melanie Taylor

It is true!  Jersey Shore star and DJ (who makes 13 million a year allegedly) Pauly D is a Daddy to a 5 month old baby girl names Amabella.  The baby Momma is a former waitress in Vegas and it was a one night stand that led to the baby girl!

Pauly supposedly wants to be involved in the baby’s life even though others are saying he was trying to hide it.  Snooki tweeted she was so happy for him and she is looking forward to her baby Lorenzo having a little girlfriend now!

Kelly Clarkson’s Mom was NOT invited to her wedding.  Mom seems okay with it.  She has told numerous media outlets that she knows how busy her daughter is and it was fine.  Kelly took a video of her special day and I guess Mom can see it that way.  The only two people there were her husband Brandon Blackstock’s two sons.

There is a NEW Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor!  Yea!  It is limited and it is in honor of legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy.  It will be called Scotchy Scotch Scotch and contatins butterscotch ice cream and butterscotch swirl ribbon.

Katy Perry admits she is weird because she admitted to taking a piece of Miley Cyrus’s hair and Taylor Swift’s hair (after sharing a room with them at the Grammy’s) and keeping it in her purse as a good luck charm!  Katy is telling W Magazine’s November issue she is dating her CRUSH, John Mayer.

Simon Cowell said that Miley Cyrus is smart for reinventing herself after Hannah Montana and is calling her the NEXT Madonna.

Kanye West spent an alleged 200 grand on the elaborate proposal he set up in San Fran with new fiancé Kim Kardashian.  The ring is 15 carats and near 2.5 million dollars.  UNREAL!

Jay Z is working on a new fragrance, a new line of cigars and a new line of watches.  Why?  Because he can.  He said to Vanity Fair that he is NOT motivated by money.  He is motivated by things he’s interested in and interested in making better.

Prince George will be baptized today (at 3 months old) and he will be dressed in a Spitalfield silk satin gown designed in 1841 by Janet Sutherland a daughter of the Scottish coal miner.  It will be white and silk-satin gown.  It has been worn by 60 royal babies before him.  But, it is allegedly a replica made by the Queen’s couturier.


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