E-List: Things You Only Do When Getting REAL Tipsy

There are times everything seems perfect and all your dreams are about to come true… and that time tends to come with a drink in your hand.

Check out the things you ONLY do when you’re drunk here!

E-LIST: Things you only do when you’re getting REAL tipsy

#7. Tell your friends exactly what you think! YOU have full on convos on the toilet and instantly become bffs with everyone in the bathroom including the person giving you every toiletry you could ever dream of!

#6. Dance aggressively, with no respect for other people’s personal space!

#5. Text your ex! Yep. That will happen more than once.

#4. Suddenly remember a key skill from your youth, and insist on demonstrating it. You can no longer do Kart-wheels!

#3. Attempt choreographed dance moves with your friends like you are suddenly back in eighth grade performing your cheerleading routine at the bar. Then doing real weird things you would never do sober like licking hammers.

#2. This is always the moment you realize you have AN AWFUL LOT OF FEELINGS, which you can only express via SHOUTING.

I STILL LOVE HIM!!! Or you decide that somebody is your soulmate forever, despite only having just met them!

#1. YOU reveal everything! Especially via the FB OVERSHARE ON FACEBOOK!/ TWITTER just stay away from social media!!!

No please don’t! Tweet me instead 😉 9 times out of 10 I will be on your level! @Elistab


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