Melanie’s Holiday Savings With Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

Holidays are upon us and it is time to SAVE! Pittsburgh Frugal Mom is a friend of Bubba Show and she has some great tips for us! Take a look at her amazing website here.

How about this story that Dana experienced!  She said she was in the store the other day and a man in front of her forgot his cell phone and was more devastated than if he would have lost his wallet!  He told Dana his whole life was in his phone.  Numbers and contacts and emails etc.  So she thought…hmmmm..about this..

Saving money during this time of the year is key to stretching your hard-earned checks as far as possible. Dana began to start thinking about yet another item that would help save you money that you use everyday!  If you carry a cell phone with you, sign up for text alerts for all of your favorite stores that offer this as an option! Text Alerts are rocking tools that provide you the stores sale information ahead of the sale and often promotional coupons that others don’t have!

I really never thought of this.  I mean seriously, that would be GREAT especially with the holidays upon us.

Text Alerts give you first notification of sales, and often preferred shopping discounts, texted right to your phone. Text Alerts often provide coupon offers which eliminate the need to carry all those shopping passes that store provide!

Dana suggests you keep it simple and do it on one piece of technology!  No coupons or shopping passes or a flyer, just take your phone!  You can respond NO Dana said at the END of the alerts if you don’t find them helpful.  Dana uses Target, Toys R Us and Supercuts who offer her great reminders about expiring coupons and such.  You can find the text alerts she said on doors, cash registers, receipts and websites.  There are many and you can find some more here.

There are some FREE events this weekend around the city.  On November 9th there is a FREE concert with the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony.  That is a nice thing to do with family or friends.  Look here.

Free admission to the Pittsburgh Zoo on November 10th!  What a great thing to do and the weather looks to be okay for it.  All the information is here.

You can build more this weekend to with Lowe’s!  You must register ahead for this great FREE build.  All the information is here.

100. 7 is NOT affiliated with any of these events or websites mentioned.  We just want to pass on the savings and the FREE for you!

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