E-List: Things We Need a Dislike Button For On Facebook

Really wanting to spread love and good things on Facebook, however a dislike button might come in handy for things like this!

Things we hate on Facebook!

E-LIST: #Things we wish there were a dislike button for on facebook!

#7.The giraffe pix… we get the riddle but enough.

#6. 1 million likes GETS US A PUPPY! No it doesn’t.

#5. GAMES. STOP! No. Don’t ask just delete. Get a life.

#4. BITSTRIPS. Just stop. These are like college parties. They are a BLAST at first then you just want to go the bar.

#3. “OMG my life is just AWFUL!” attention-seeking status’. I don’t feel bad for you I will just hide you.

#2. LIKE & SHARE IF YOU LOVE GRANDMA!!!! We all love our Grandma. Come on.

#1. Selfie overload! A selfie here and there is expected but everyday come on, unless you are dyeing your hair EVERYDAY or overcoming a major surgery I don’t think you’ve changed much.

Why do you think Facebook needs a dislike button? What would you dislike?


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