Let’s Talk… Burgh’s Best Pizza Toppings

There is never a wrong way to eat a pizza, just as long as you get that ZA! AHH! I’m currently on a pizza diet/kick whatever you want to call it, that’s all I eat. At 2am you might not care as long as there is crust, cheese, and a little sauce but how do you reeeeally like it?

What’s the best topping?

I’m a meat girl. Okay that didn’t sound right, I like pepperoni. Short sweet, doesn’t NEED to be on there, however I prefer it. My parents used to live in Hawaii so I grew up with pineapple on my pizza too!

What do YOU like on yours? Tweet me @Elistab

My friend LOOOVES pineapple and banana peppers. She’s says it is sweet n’ spicy, best of both worlds. I think she is nuts. (Trust me, she is!) Now buffalo chicken, margherita , count me IIIIIN!!! You won’t have any left, but I’ll share 😉

You should have seen how ECSTATIC I was when I noticed there is a new pizza place going into the old Grotto in the Southside. Guarantee I’ll be there if I can’t make it to Fiori’s.

Here is Huffington Post’s “top” toppings. Check back for the E-list of the best!



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