By Melanie Taylor

Another episode of Lingerie Or Leave Him on Bubba Show. Ladies if you feel your boyfriend is cheating you can contact Bubba via email at

Cheryl truly felt Josh was cheating. She said ever since they moved in together things have went south. She told us that he just has been pushing her away and been more and more distant.

When Josh gets on the phone things really do go south. He truly gets upset. He is so upset that she airs their dirty laundry on Bubba Show. He says he does NOT want this free service and there is absolutely NO ONE he wants to send this to especially his B*&%$# girlfriend. WOW!

Cheryl says “Did you just call me a B*&%$# on the radio?”

He is upset. Calls us a stupid radio station for getting involved and MUCH MORE. Listen to it all here. Josh calls her crazy since they moved in together.


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