Alright enough. Us single folk don’t want to hear any of this!

E-List: Things You Should NEVER Say To A Single Person…

7. You’re SO LUCKY! I wish I was single! No you don’t.

6. It will happen for you, once you stop looking. Dude, the reason you’re not single is because you have never stopped looking.

5. Have you tried online dating? No that’s why I’m on Facebook.

4. You need to get out more. You obviously don’t follow me on Instagram or Twitter. Even FourSquare tells me to simmer down!

3. You pick the WRONG people. GEE! Really? Ya think?

2. You’re too picky! Well this isn’t as easy as deciding on whether or not I want fries on my sandwich!

1. But you’re awesome! I know so let me be awesome!

What about you single Suzy? What do you HATE hearing people in relationships tell you? Tweet me and follow me to see how often I REALLY go out! @Elistab


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