The Situation: Man Buys House Next to Ex-Wife & Builds Giant Middle Finger Outside

Talk about a major Eff U! Dang! Who in their right mind does this though? Seriously.

A very wealthy man decided to move in right next door to his ex-wife WITH his new girlfriend! The move is one thing, but the giant middle finger statue? That’s just uncalled for. He even put a light on it so it shines at night for her to see!


This is just awkward. Even more awkward because there are kids involved! They claim they’re “cool”. MMMHMM… I also thought I was cool with you eating the last bowl of ice cream, umm no.

How does the new girlfriend feel about this though? That’s just weird. I would have to think he’s not over her.

Would you ever move near your EX? Tweet me @Elistab and vote below!

See the statue here


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