Dirty On The 30: Monday, November 18, 2013

People magazine is getting ready to announce the Sexiest Man Alive for 2013.  Word is…..It’s The Voice judge, Adam Levine.  What do you think?

Alec Baldwin in trouble yet AGAIN! He went nuts on a New York reporter outside of his apartment after his wife said the woman almost hit her in the mouth with a microphone the day before.  He literally got in her face and demanded an apology.  Baldwin then tried to convince police to arrest her.  He also lost his MSNBC gig for a couple of weeks because of a rant involving a homophobic slur.  How about some anger management classes Alec?

Colin Farrell was home on Saturday when a fan showed up on his doorstep.  The police arrested the guy and placed him on psychiatric hold.  The guy’s not even a U.S. citizen but traveled to L.A. just to meet Farrell.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Police were called to Justin Bieber’s home three times in one night because of a loud party.  100 guests, including Snoop Lion, were there.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson’s dog died over the weekend.  Poor thing had cancer.

Lamar Odom recently met with the Clippers for two hours.  He may sign with the team which could be a good thing if he’s trying to get his life together.

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