Three weeks ago, a small plane veered hundreds of miles off its course and crashed at a Nashville airport. While investigators continue to look into the crash, there is one fact that remains clear: 45-year old pilot Michael Callan, who died in the crash, listed Taylor Swift as his next of kin.

This was news to the singer when authorities reached out to her.

“The first we heard of this was when the appropriate authorities contacted Taylor’s management about the crash,” Swift’s publicist, Paula Erickson, told The Tennessean. “Taylor does not know this person.”

Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron told the Tennessean in an email that one of the precinct detectives heard from the Federal Aviation Administration that Callan had listed Swift as his next of kin with the flying club in Canada. This was then passed to the agency’s Specialized Investigations Unit, where “a sergeant in that unit relayed the information to Swift’s security team. Swift’s team reported back that no one, including the singer, had heard of Callan before the crash.”

This information was then passed to the Joint Terrorism Task Force but the matter was dropped.

The questions only seem to pile up in this case. On Oct. 29, the plane Michael Callan was flying crashed on Nashville’s Runway 2C and wasn’t discovered for seven hours. Callan flew undetected over the international border and circled the Nashville airport for over two hours before he attempted to land.





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