Deep FAT FRY! DEEP FAT FRY! Music to my ears! Boy do I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner! Well it might as well be considered breakfast, lunch, dinner, at my house. Don’t even think about ordering anything out the next day. Turkey is what your stuck with, even though I’m not THAT big of a fan of it in the first place. Actually there are a lot of foods I won’t even come close to picking up on turkey day. No it’s not all gravy baby. In an attempt to be able to stick around for Thanksgiving I will keep that off the list, however keep dat gravy away from my taters!

Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE THANKSGIVING! Probably one of the top holidays out there. No pressure for gifts, your family and friends gather around food and booze, Steelers play the Ravens, what more could you be thankful for?! It kicks off the holiday season with a BANG BANG turkey feast! However there are some foods that I chose to stay FAAAR away from!

I get it there are starving Marvins out there, hence why we Packed the Pete, I am EXTREMELY thankful to have a ceiling over my head and food on the table but there are just some foods I’d rather skip!

You voted last night and here is what I came with…

E-LIST: The WORST Thanksgiving Food ( we’re still thankful for food though!)

Keep all this away from my plate:

7. Stuffing. Sorry I don’t mess with anything you want to jam into the body of a big bird. That mushy mix of bread and spice reminds me of what I find after eating too much turkey dinner. Sorry I could have got worst with that.

6. Pumpkin Pie. That might be a sin, but I’m a pumpkin roll kinda girl! I’ll just take a plate of cool whip instead. Thank you.

5. Jell-O/ ambrosia salad. Whatever that is keep it the hell away! Nothing bright pink/purple should be on the Thanksgiving table. Nothing against Bill Cosby, you got the styling sweater that’s enough for turkey day.

4. YAMS! No thank you ma’am! Sweet potatoes on the other hand you’re allowed. If you haven’t ever had sweet potato casserole with pecans you’re missing out! Check out a recipe for that good stuff here! I never got into any with marshmallows but I would probably mess with that too.

3. Gizzards! Nasty. My Grandma used to eat those. I don’t want to know what part of the bird that belongs too but keep it away from me.

2. Green bean casserole. You don’t even need to bother making this okay. There is always half a tray left, and it’s left there for a reason. If your dog doesn’t even go for this one you know it’s bad.

1. Cranberry ANYTHING! Sauce, relish? Someone actually said there is cranberry relish this just is a NO. Keep all that away!

Tweet me what you don’t eat on turkey day! I heard a lot of white/dark meats. Shut up and eat ya turkey! Actually I don’t blame you I’m more of a steak girl myself! ~ @Elistab


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