By Melanie Taylor

So, what is really up with eyelashes?  The forgotten facial feature right?

I try so hard to find that right mascara.  The one that thickens or lengthens and doesn’t clump and makes them look longer and thicker and prettier and fuller.  Have I found that yet?  No.

Have I found the mascara that doesn’t clump?  No!  So annoying.

But, then I found the Lash Spa Studio!  There are two of them.  One in Shadyside and the one I went to in McMurray.  Check them out at


Let me show you why I love them so much!   I’m going to post some before and after pictures here.  Before front shot.

.eye before front

After front shot.

eye after closed front

Here are some more.

eye before side


eye after open side

And the last of the before and after shots…

eye before open front

eye after open front you see what I mean right?  I must admit I probably wouldn’t go do this on my own, but if someone bought me a gift certificate I would go RIGHT back and get these done over manicures, pedicures or massages.

It was so relaxing.  I laid there and shut my eyes while Jennifer made me pretty at the McMurray location.   I think it changed my whole face! No makeup needed on the lashes and they last up to 4-6 weeks and you can even get them re filled like you would fake nails.  These extensions didn’t hurt and you can’t even feel them!

I just love them.  So, spread the word guys…head to Lash Spa Studio!


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